juice pouch tote

Joyce's Juice Pouch Totes

Eco-wise lunch bags, tote bags, beach bags and more... all made from drink pouches!


You've found one-of-a-kind juice pouch lunch bags, grocery bags, beach bags, tote bags and more that will capture everyone's attention. You'll feel good about helping the environment by purchasing products made from re-usable items.

How do these bags differ from others? These bags are sewn and then turned inside out so the seams (rough edges) of the pouch are on the inside.  This makes for a tote with a more finished look and smoother edges all around.

Sometimes I add an artistic touch to the totes by cutting, joining, and overlapping the pouches to create unique designs. The possibilities are endless!

Have an idea for something you don't see here? Please let me know. Products I'm currently working on are: dog leashes and textbook covers.

Products are shown below. See photos of the 50+ various types of juice pouches I've collected so far.

I am currently not taking orders since my supply of pouches is very low.

Recycled Metal Bracelets by Julie

Multi-colored Lunch tote
Adjustable for any size wrist
Lunch tote 1
Goes with any outfit!

If you are interested in purchasing one or more bracelets and you live in the Ashburn area and would like to pick up your order, then choose the option without shipping. If you would like to have your order shipped to you, then please choose one of the shipping options.


Lunch bags

Multi-colored Lunch tote
Multi-color Lunch Totes
Lunch tote 1
Purple/gold Lunch Tote
Lunch tote 2
Multi-color Lunch Tote
small lunch tote 2
Small lunch bag
Small Lunch tote
Small Lunch Tote, 8"h
Lunch totes2
Lunch Totes - Kool-aid; layered design
Lunch tote with complex design
Complex design
Lunch totes
More examples of Lunch totes.
Kool-aid Jammers Lunch tote
 Lunch tote
Lunch tote with complex design
Lunch tote w/complex design

Grocery totes

Grocery tote2
Grocery tote
Grocery tote
Grocery tote measures 15"h x 12"w x 8"d

Beach bags

Beach bag
Beach bag
Beach bag
Beach bags have thick straps and inner pocket and
measure 15"h x 18"w x 7"d

Gift bags, Small Totes, Small Zippered bags

Gift Bags
Gift bags
tiny totes
Tiny totes and little tote sewn with
edge seams on the inside
Small tote
Small tote 10"x9"x5"
trick or treat bag
Great size for trick-or-treating
Little totes
Little tote bags
zippered small bag
New! Zippered small bag    7"x4.75"

Medium Totes, Purse

Purse/ Med Tote 12"x12"x6"

Messenger bag

messenger bag
Messenger bag $35
12"h x 14"w x 4"d
(Currently under re-design
to use stronger straps)

Folders, Zippered Pencil Pouches, Book Covers (coming soon)

Juice Pouch Folder
Juice pouch folder - front
Juice Pouch Folder
Juice pouch folder - open
Juice Pouch Zippered Pencil Pouch
New! Zippered pencil pouches in a
variety of colors; about 9"x3.5"

Things you can make with juice pouches - see my Cool Craft page for more ideas

Juice Pouch Hat
Mini notebook
Juice Pouch Hat
Mini notebook -
back pocket for storage
little boxes
Little boxes for trinkets

Special order items and products under development

Juice Pouch Hat
Juice pouch hat!

See photos of the 50+ various types of juice pouches I've collected so far.